Formerly with Wight's Greenhouses and Flower Shop and Village Flower Shop, Lynda is a certified floral designer who, thanks to her banking background, functions equally as well as administrative assistant.


Former owner of Wight's Greenhouses and Flower Shop and head perennial grower for White Rose Nurseries, Drew headed up the garden design department and functioned as chief floral consultant.
After a brief illness, Drew passed away November 27, 2014. His wish was for the business to carry on so while he is no longer physically present with us he continues to inspire us with his creativity. We, along with his clients, will always remember his kind and generous spirit.


Formerly with Wight's Greenhouses and Flower Shop and Loyalist Florist Design, Debbie is part of our floral design team. An accredited floral designer, Debbie excels in contemporary floral pieces.


A horticulturist, Peter is the owner of Blooms On West Lake. His past life includes owning bulk food shops in Trenton and Brighton, functioning as garden centre manager for White Rose Nurseries in Toronto and serving as landscape gardener at the Waring House in Picton. In addition to managing the business, Peter is head of wedding floral designs.

teddy1 web

Teddy joins us from Animatch, a dog rescue organization in Montreal.  He has been appointed CEO and Head of Security(a job he takes very seriously).

Beatrice (Portrait by Mia Lane)

A dedicated and loyal friend, Bea spends most of the day with Peter at work both in the shop and in the garden.

We said our final farewell to our precious little girl September 10, 2012.  She is missed but remains in our hearts.